Just another day!

Wednesday 28th January 2015

Another cool bright start to the day. As seems to be the pattern here, the otherwise reasonably good internet wouldn’t connect to download my emails. No problem I thought, I’ll just flash up the 4G Netgear Aircard and away we go. A good idea I thought except that when trying to reach for the external ariel on the seat I caught said Aircard which had been sitting minding its own business on the top of the chair and which just slithered down behind the seat back landing behind the heating elements! How on earth were we going to retrieve it? My worry was that the heating pipes were very hot and I was imagining if and when we did retrieve it we would be pulling out a useless lump of melted plastic!

We needed to find something long and thin. There was nothing in the van that fit the bill so John went rummaging in the garage. He came back a few minutes later with some poles from a little beach shelter but soon realised that although they would reach, there was no way of actually getting hold of it! So plan B was put into action, namely sticking a piece of Velcro onto a screwdriver and carefully getting it to attach to its opposing bit on the Aircard….and what do you know, it worked!

We decided to do some hand-washing in the morning – seemed the thing to do here or should I say John did as I had a sore wrist which I think may have been acquired during our return bus ride from Seville when the driver stopped very abruptly and sent everyone flying!

Wenda and Michael stopped by and asked us if we wanted to walk to Cacela Vehla, a lovely Portuguese village just to the west of us best reached at low tide as it seemed the route over the dunes required a bit of paddling but as we had the washing out, we declined.

We spoke to Craig and Viv on and off throughout the day. They seemed really nice, very interesting people and easy to talk to. They are leaving tomorrow for Ferragudo opposite Portimao where Viv says you can park up on a wasteland area and do some walking.

Later on in the afternoon, John went out on his bike to Cacela Vehla and beyond while I watched the washing dry! He used the so-called easy route recommended by Viv and Craig….we later learnt that they like to follow the Tour de France so their idea of easy probably didn’t match with ours! John had a bit of a sweat on when he got back and he’d only done a relatively small part of the route!

After he got back, we walked along the beach for a while as I was feeling in need of some exercise and then settled back into our usual routine, dinner and a bit of TV!


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