Germany May-Jul 2013

Below is a list of the places we stayed during our Germany trip in May through to the end of July 2013 including places en route. You can jump to the first blog post from each of the places by clicking on the ‘Days’ link on the left of each entry. You can also view my details on each of the sites and Aires by clicking on the link on the right of each entry.

If you would like to see a subsistence expenditure breakdown and other stats for this trip and others please click here.

09th May – 19th July 2013
(72 days away, 1958 miles)

Below is a map giving details of the places we’ve stayed. Click on an individual pin for more information or use the controls on the top of the map to see the map full-screen or to see a a slide-out list of the pins.

  • Green markers denote Aires and Stellplätze
  • Purple markers denote Campsites
  • Blue markers indicate Wildcamps
  • Yellow pins give other information such as Supermarkets
  • Red pins are Autogas stations

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