Still in the UK!!

Thursday 15th January 2015

Yes we’re still here! We were meant to be sailing yesterday but our ferry has been cancelled until tomorrow morning. We learnt that this was happening when we decided to log on and check our booking on Sunday when we arrived at Sandy Balls Holiday Park, only to find that it no longer existed and with the message that the sailing had been cancelled. Naturally we were very upset about this especially as the Brittany Ferries website was still reporting all sailings running to schedule. So what was going on? A phone call informed us that it was because of the weather. Really? We have had a ferry delayed because of bad weather but never cancelled in advance of bad weather arriving. We were not convinced that we were being told the truth and a little digging and detective work, revealed the Pont Aven was undergoing scheduled maintenance in Brest. Now being the naturally suspicious person that I am, I smelt a very big rat!

A mischievous tweet by myself promoted an immediate phone call from Brittany Ferries who were still maintaining that they were having to move all their sailings around because of the weather. And here we were sitting in the New Forest with blue skies and the occasional breeze fluttering the leaves on the trees! Wednesday (our sailing day) was by far the calmest and sunniest day we had had and not until later in the evening did the wind start to pick up and then it got a bit blustery through the night. Maybe the sea states were worse than the weather we were experiencing 30 miles away from the port but I still find it hard to believe that they had such good knowledge of this weather that they would have cancelled a sailing several days in advance. I will say no more on the matter except that I think that it was Scotland who took the brunt of this particular weather system.

So here we still are at Sandy Balls surveying the aftermath of the storm…….a few puddles……but we have decided to move from this site after lunch. The rescheduled early sailing means we can’t really stay here as no movement around the site is allowed before 7am. Fortunately, we just managed to get the last pitch at a CS site north of Portsmouth, still some distance away but which would allow us to make an early getaway. We enquired about overnighting at the port but there was a sailing scheduled Thursday night which would make this option highly unlikely unless we arrived in the dead of night. It is so annoying when you choose your sailing carefully to avoid an early morning sailing which always causes problems if you have any distance to travel especially as it inevitably means you find yourself in rush hour in an unfamiliar place.

Anyway, our plans for today involve calling at a BP station near Ringwood to top up with LPG and diesel before calling at the Morrisons at Totton to restock the cupboards. If all goes to plan, we should be able to arrive at the CL before dark.

Our pitch at Sandy Balls!

Our pitch at Sandy Balls!

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