We’ve allocated the stopovers we’ve used into two categories, namely:

  1. Aires, Camperstops & Stellplätze
  2. Campsites

Aires, Camperstops & Stellplätze – are motorhome parking only (usually no caravans) with limited facilites but specific to motorhomes, found in abundance in France (Aires) and Germany (Stellplätze) – they are sometimes run by local authorities, but many are private especially in Germany and Spain.

Some of the more popular Camperstops, in Spain in particular, take bookings and are often used by long-term stayers over-wintering. The downside to this is that they are often full and block spaces for those who only want to stay for a short time.

Campsites – can accommodate caravans, motorhomes and tents and do not necessarily offer specific motorhome facilites such as waste dump points. Bookings can usually be made and any length of stay can be accommodated.

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