The Drive Down – Day 2

Sunday 18th January 2015

We had a surprisingly good night at our overnight stop but it was so dark when we woke up that we wondered whether it was ever going to get light! Had we only dreamt that we had left the UK or had we taken a very wrong turn during our drive down?!

The rain came and came! We were concerned as to whether this was going to fall as snow anywhere so John went to the café and with internet access tried to find out what the forecast had in store for us. It wasn’t really conclusive so we set out and yes the rain was of biblical proportions at times but fortunately we had cleared the high ground yesterday and we could cope with this. On the upside, the torrential rain turned our van back from a dull white-grey to something resembling silver again as the salt got washed off! Every cloud as they say……!

It wasn't raining at this point, but we weren't out of the woods yet!

It wasn’t raining at this point, but we weren’t out of the woods yet!

The rest of the drive passed without incident and all we had to do was to negotiate the roads around Seville to find our stop for the next couple of nights.

We managed it just about. We didn’t take any wrong turnings but it’s always a bit nerve-wracking when you first arrive in a different country and have to reacquaint yourself with their signs and motorway merging, joining and leaving practices.

Anyway we pulled into the road to the Aire at Puerto Gelves just outside of Seville in an absolute cloud-burst type downpour only to be met by a British registered motorhome in front of us trying to reverse away from the gated entrance! We were certainly not going anywhere so it wasn’t long before the passenger got out and asked us if we knew how to get in! All we knew was what we had read which was to press the button and if that didn’t work, go and find a sailor! Why does this make me laugh!

She didn’t look overly thrilled about the ‘going to find someone bit’ and I can’t say I blamed her, so John donned his waterproof (for what good it did him!) and after some considerable time the gate opened allowing the van in front of us to go in. Rather worryingly for me sat waiting in the nice dry van, the gate closed again and John was nowhere to be seen! When he did eventually arrive back, the gate opened while he was still in the process of trying to divest himself of some very wet clothes and so it was a bit frantic as he jumped into the driver’s seat and started moving through the entrance just as the gate started to close again! Obviously, it wasn’t being monitored very closely!

It turns out that as it was a Sunday, the usual office staff weren’t in and there was just a guard/caretaker in the port tower building who was more concerned about missing the football match he was watching than welcoming new arrivals! He was none too keen to tell us where we could park either and just shrugged his shoulders in a gesture which told us to basically just look yourselves!

Well, it didn’t look too promising at first as the most obvious space was now occupied by the van which went in in front of us! He also appeared to have taken the last electric hook-up point. We were feeling a bit peeved by this as after all if it wasn’t for John having gone to find someone to let us in, they wouldn’t have been there, but they were Kiwis so I suppose we had to make allowances!

As it turned out we managed to squeeze ourselves in behind them and John connected us to the electric with the aid of an extension cable somewhere further down the Aire but just as he’d done that, they moved somewhere else! I’ll say no more. Perhaps, like us they’d had a long journey and were tired like we were.

We didn’t do anything else for the rest of the day due to the weather and the fact that we just wanted to relax. The rain did eventually stop and the evening was quite pleasant.

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