We Move to Manta Rota.

Monday 26th January 2015

It was move day today. I was glad to be leaving. I think we had exhausted Vila Real and we were getting a bit exasperated at the constant shuffling of the other vans, the French in particular. Our French neighbours departure promoted a sequence of moves and positioning which could well have been set to the Benny Hill theme tune. It was hilarious as all the vans were vying for the best front row positions and those that stayed put were expanding their territory outwardly to ward off any other vans who might decide to get too close!

We left the Aire taking the same route that we came in and drove the eight or so miles to our next destination at Manta Rota but first we had to fill up with LPG at a BP station we had found the coordinates for on the main N125. We found it ok but we had to drive in, out and back in again to position the van the right side for the pump.

The state of the roads were as we had been led to believe, attrocious! Thank goodness we didn’t have to drive too far! We found the Aire easily but had to wait while a Spanish van who obviously wasn’t expecting to see a barriered/pay entrance tried to turn around. It was a tight space to turn around in but especially so as he had a trailer in tow!

When we finally got in, we could see that it was pretty full but spotted a good spot on the inner row in front of another British van so we turned around so that our door faced inwards. This meant we would have a good space to put our chairs out if we wanted and would afford us some privacy. Immediately we’d parked up Viv and Craig introduced themselves and we had a good natter. They’d been coming to Portugal for the last four years and loved it and we were beginning to see why. This Aire had a much nicer feel to it than Vila Real, a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Our pitch at Manta Rota.....can you see those blue skies!

Our pitch at Manta Rota…..can you see those blue skies!

Looking down towards the entrance from our van.

Looking down towards the entrance from our van.

Looking back up the Aire.

Looking back up the Aire.

Unfortunately I had woken up with a headache and wasn’t feeling too good all day. We did manage a walk out onto the lovely beach. Basically, we walked until we came to water! When we got back, I just sat in the van with the blinds drawn to block out the strong sunlight and read for a bit.

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